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Mission Digitalization After Sales 

Successful digitalization after sales 1

A medium-sized company in the automotive industry that produces high-quality vehicles is facing the challenge of digitizing its after-sales operations. Previously, service and maintenance work was managed manually, resulting in inefficient processes and customer satisfaction issues. The company recognizes the importance of digitization to improve customer service, reduce costs and strengthen its market position.

Successful digitalization after sales 1



  • Inefficient processes: Manual management of service requests, appointments and spare parts orders leads to delays, errors and long waiting times for customers.
  • Lack of visibility: customers do not have real-time access to information about the status of their service requests and repairs.
  • Complex data integration: integrating different systems, such as customer databases, parts inventory management and service ticketing, proves difficult and time-consuming.

The Solution

The company decides to implement a comprehensive digital solution for after sales. A web-based customer relationship management (CRM) system is developed that centralizes all relevant information and provides customers with self-service access. The CRM system is integrated with other systems such as parts inventory management and the scheduling tool.


The digital transformation of the after-sales area brings significant benefits


  • More efficient processes: Service requests, appointment scheduling, and parts ordering are automated and accelerated, resulting in reduced waiting times and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved visibility: customers can track the status of their service requests in real time, resulting in better communication and customer experience.
  • Optimized data integration: seamless integration of different systems enables smooth data flow and improved efficiency across the after-sales department.

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  1. “The digital solution has exceeded my expectations. I can now easily schedule a service appointment online and track the progress of my repair.”
  2. “I used to have to spend hours on hold to get an appointment. Now I do everything online and save valuable time.”
  3. “Digital transformation has revolutionized our after-sales processes. We have reduced costs and significantly increased customer satisfaction.”

The company has successfully digitized its after-sales operations, improving efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening its competitiveness. The introduction of the web-based CRM system has proven to be a strategic step in meeting the requirements of an increasingly digitalized business world.

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