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The dplain.cloud offers you an efficient and customer-focused solution to exceed your expectations and provide you with a first-class customer experience.

After Sales Service

“The implementation of dplain for our service has been an absolute success! Our customer communication is now more efficient and smoother than ever before. The automated processes make our work easier and allow us to focus on the important tasks. Thanks to the tracking and reporting function, we can continuously improve our service and offer our customers first-class support. The platform has taken our service to a new level and I’m excited about the benefits it offers us and our customers!”

Head of Service und After Sales

High customer satisfaction: benchmark for successful customer service activities and positive customer experience.


High first time resolution rate: efficient customer service staff, fast and satisfactory problem resolution.

 More repeat business:

Customer satisfaction and successful customer retention.


Efficient customer communication

  • dplain enables customer service to manage customer enquiries and issues more efficiently. Customers can contact the platform quickly and conveniently, resulting in improved response time and better customer care.

Extended support

  •  dplain offers the possibility to provide extended support, such as manuals, maintenance tips or training materials. This enables customers to better use their products and perceive the company as a competent partner.

Personalised customer experience

  •  By collecting and analysing customer data, the service can offer personalised support and tailored solutions. This leads to an improved customer experience and strengthens customer loyalty.



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Learn how dplain E Commerce can help you visualise your products and machines fully online and achieve tangible results in sales in just 30 days.

practical example

The combination of a digital spare parts catalogue with a digital service portal offers an improved solution for accessing spare parts and customer service.


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