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Ein führender Anbieter von Maschinenbauausrüstung, kämpfte mit ineffizienten Prozessen und hohen Kosten bei der Bestellung von Zubehör, Verschleiß- und Ersatzteilen. Jede Bestellung erforderte manuellen Aufwand und war mit Verzögerungen und Fehlern behaftet. Zudem litten sie unter einem ineffizienten Lagermanagement und häufigem Overstocking.

the Solution

Our dplain cloud solution offered the opportunity to digitize and automate their ordering processes. By implementing our store system, they were able to complete their orders online, speed up their processes, and reduce errors. Our system also offered a solution to their inventory management problem by providing real-time information on stock levels and demand.


Digital transformation of after-sales operations delivers significant benefits

After implementing our solution, the company reported significant improvements:

  1. Increased efficiency: by automating ordering processes, the manual effort required to place orders was reduced by 70%.
  2. Cost reduction: costs were reduced by 30% through more efficient warehouse management and reduced error rates.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction: faster delivery times and fewer order errors greatly increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Positive experience from the perspective of a customer:


“By implementing dplain’s cloud solution, we were not only able to make our ordering processes much more efficient, but also drastically reduce our costs. Our customers appreciate the faster delivery times and the accuracy of our orders. We look forward to continued collaboration with dnetwo.”

Markus Hansen,

Manager, E-Commerce


The dplain cloud solution has helped us overcome our order process challenges and achieve their business goals. Our solution has both improved internal efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction, resulting in a positive impact on overall business success.


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