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Increase in Sales through

After Sales Service


  • Improve your after sales business
  • Increase your spare parts & service turnover
  • Take your business to a higher level


Increase in Sales through After Sales Service

  • lmprove your after sales business
  • Increase your spare parts & service turnover
  • Take your business to a higher level
Industry 1

Industrial companies are known worldwide for their high technological standard and innovative ability. German companies in particular are said to have “perfection” in their products. In a digitalized world, this is a big advantage over competitors from all over the world. However, digitization excels in accelerating processes and developing products further or newly in a customer-centric manner. Data will be invaluable for both processes and products in the future – after all, this data forms the basis for developing “digital services” and delivering added value to customers regardless of the product. Data from machines and customer companies is of fundamental importance, especially in the area of customer support, operations and pure service business.

Industry 1
Industry 3
Industry 3

It is unthinkable for a company not to offer its customers a digital touchpoint for service requests, orders or documentation. Industry is the backbone of the German economy and possesses tremendous power. Let’s use it to also start digitalization with clear processes and customer-centric services. dplain forms the basis for all future customer-centric, digital service products with the individual cloud for your company.

Application industries

Anwendungsindustrien mit dplain

dplain already serves almost all application industries.

With its intuitive platform mindset and numerous interfaces, dplain enables maximum flexibility and step-by-step digitization of your business.

To strengthen you even more in the success of increasing sales and services online, our team is working around the clock to expand our software solution. In addition to the standard functions, we are able to develop and implement individual features for you. This means that the solution can be optimally adapted to any company – regardless of whether it has already existing functions or individual functions for your company.

Industry 5

Why is dplain the right choice for your company?


  • Specializes in the requirements of the industry
  • Fast implementation – from as little as 30 days
  • Improves your customer support
  • Saves you resources – perfect for SMEs
  • Optimal representation of the machine structure


Not only fast, but also POWERFUL!

In only 30 days dplain can be completely configured. A complete data integration of all machine data down to the smallest spare part included. With the help of sophisticated structure trees, which support and display the structure of the machines, all created customers and employees can find every part – from your machines built exclusively for them or from all standard machines, which are accessible for everyone in the store. Everything can be ordered in just a few clicks.

The software also fits the industry on other levels: centralized management of order histories, quick ordering, mapping and navigation of drawings, machine documentation, chat function, sale of accessories and much more – perfectly capture the characteristics of the complex B2B sector.

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Test dplain free out of charge and without obligation!

Make your own impression and experience how automation can also enrich your company!

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