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With our innovative platform, you can present your product portfolio online, reach customers worldwide and increase sales. At the same time, we offer an efficient after-sales service that strengthens your customer loyalty and improves customer satisfaction.

After Sales Service

“Thanks to our customised e-commerce and service cloud from dplain, our sales are skyrocketing and our customer loyalty is stronger than ever. Automation optimises our processes and data-driven decisions improve our strategies. This investment gives us a clear competitive advantage and successfully leads our company into the future.”

CEO, Maschinenbau

High customer satisfaction: benchmark for successful customer service activities and positive customer experience.


Modern and customer-oriented online presence, as well as efficient customer service for your company.

More repeat business:

Customer satisfaction and successful customer retention 

Increase sales


  • By using an e-commerce platform, the business can showcase its product or service offering online, allowing their customers to shop around the clock. This can lead to an increase in sales as the company has a wider reach and can reach potential customers all over the world.
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Drive growth through scalability


  • E-commerce and service cloud solutions are usually scalable, which means that the company can easily expand its online business and customer service to keep up with the company’s growth.

Global reach


  • An e-commerce platform allows the company to market its products or services globally and reach customers in different countries without having to have a physical presence on the ground.
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Content for the executive team

Erfahren Sie, was unsere Produktexperten und Thought Leader Ihrer Branche zu sagen haben.


Learn how dplain E Commerce can help you visualise your products and machines fully online and achieve tangible results in sales in just 30 days.


Die Kombination eines digitalen Ersatzteilkatalogs mit einem digitalen Serviceportal bietet eine verbesserte Lösung für den Zugriff auf Ersatzteile und den Kundenservice.


Future-proof your company!

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