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After Sales Management

dplain.cloud is a powerful e-commerce platform that supports after sales management in the industry to optimally prepare, analyse and optimise their online offers in the after sales area.

After Sales Service

“With dplain.cloud as our e-commerce platform, we have found a powerful solution that really supports us in preparing, analysing and optimising our online offers in the after-sales area. The platform offers us extensive functions and tools to optimally present our products and improve the shopping experience for our customers. The detailed data analysis allows us to gain important insights and make informed decisions to continuously improve our sales strategies. With dplain.cloud, we feel well-equipped in our role as e-commerce managers and can effectively increase our online presence.”

VP Marketing & Commerce

High customer satisfaction: benchmark for successful customer service activities and positive customer experience.


High first time resolution rate: efficient customer service representatives, fast and satisfactory problem resolution.

More repeat business:

Customer satisfaction and successful customer retention


Efficient product management


  • dplain.cloud not only offers functions for e-commerce management, but also for product and machine management. These advanced functions enable companies to efficiently manage and optimise their product and machine inventories.
  • With dplain.cloud, companies can centralise, update and manage their product information. This includes details such as product descriptions, prices, variants, stock levels and more. Through centralised management, e-commerce managers can ensure that all relevant information is always up to date and consistent, both on their own website and on other sales channels.
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Seamless integration and data consistency


  • dplain.cloud enables the activation and management of interfaces to ERP, CRM and PIM systems.
  • With the interfaces enabled, e-commerce managers can synchronise data and achieve seamless integration between different business systems.
  • The integration improves order processing, enables personalised offers and optimises the management of product information.

Customer and machine data

  • In addition, dplain.cloud also helps companies manage their machines and equipment. This includes tracking machine locations, maintenance schedules, technical specifications and other important information. With these functions, companies can monitor the condition of their machines, plan maintenance intervals and ensure that the right equipment is available at the right time.


  •  The integration of product and machine management into the dplain.cloud e-commerce platform enables a holistic view and efficient management of all relevant business resources. This enables e-commerce managers to optimise their operations, reduce costs and ultimately ensure a seamless customer experience both when shopping online and when using products and machines.
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