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dplain Cloud

A flexible solution that can be adapted to your company’s needs and requirements while ensuring the highest security standards.

dplain Cloud

A flexible solution that can be adapted to your company’s needs and requirements while ensuring the highest security standards.

dplain ensures security

When it comes to the cloud, dplain relies on German high-security data centers. The data centers used are ISO/IEC 27001 certified, meet the highest C5 standards and thus fulfill our high requirements for the security of our customers’ data. To further secure access, dplain offers additional security mechanisms such as password change cycles and two-factor authentication.

Licenses & Prices


dplain is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This means that dplain completely takes care of the IT infrastructure, security, maintenance, further development and much more. For you, this means that there are no hidden costs besides the monthly or annual license fees for the dplain software. This way, we can guarantee the availability of the dplain software in addition to the security. Integrations that go beyond the standard interfaces of dplain are additionally offered on a project basis with standard daily rates per person day. Since the amount of license fees is based on your needs, please contact our sales department if you would like an individual offer.

Standardized interfaces and APIs to connect your IT systems


 Standardized interfaces and exchange formats can be used to connect existing IT systems, such as your ERP system. Using comprehensive, secure APIs, you can programmatically access or transfer key information in dplain. For more information, talk to our implementation team


dplain offers you rights, roles and user group settings


With dplain rights management, you configure customized user roles by assigning rights to individual activities, and thus control access to specific assets via user groups.

dplain in different languages


Make the dplain solution available to your users in multiple languages, e.g. to provide self-help during off-peak times when time is different in other countries. If you need a specific language that dplain does not yet offer as standard, please contact our sales department.

dplain ist für die mobile dplain is optimized for mobile use – “Mobile First”


The dplain software is available device-independently on Android, iOS and Windows and is mobile optimized for all display sizes. This means that dplain can be used on any device with a browser, whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, we offer native Android and iOS applications especially for your field service.

dplain White Label und Design


Customize the dplain software to your corporate design including logo and colors. This way you can show your own digital face across organizations. Improve the perception of your company when working with customers and partners.

dplain Contact center


The dplain Contact Center offers self-help for our customers around the use of the dplain functionalities. Use the keyword search to quickly find relevant articles, answers, advice, instructions and other important information. This way you will not leave any question unanswered. Articles in the help center will be activated after you activate your user profile and login.

dplain modularity and extensibility



dplain is designed in such a way that you can choose from modules and functions on a modular basis, depending on what is currently most important to you in the digitization of your equipment. Because dplain is a web-based solution, other web solutions can be linked accordingly with manageable effort. In addition, we have a number of partner companies that can also be consulted as an extension to dplain. If you have specific wishes or requirements, please let us know.


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