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Digitization can be very simple: Begin at the most important touchpoint between customer and company and digitize your aftersales processes. With our standard software dplain you get a powerful online shop, which forms the basis for a comprehensive all-round portal. Combine your customer data, sensor data, 3D printer and many other components in a central platform and strengthen your customer loyalty and your market presence. Founded on industry know-how, dplain has been developed to meet the specific needs of the industry to deliver exactly what businesses really need: applied digitization.

Optimal for the industry

Through various individual features, the software can be perfectly adapted to any industry. The best part is that new features are constantly being added, as dplain is growing with its customers. Are you looking for a specific feature? We are happy to develop it for you.


Complete data integration

Your complete existing bills of materials, customer data and technical drawings are simply uploaded to the software, so you can get started right away and look after your existing and new customers. This makes the transition seamless.


No risk

Due to the numerous configuration options of the final solution, time planning and costs can be calculated. After the go-live, your platform can be used directly and make sales. So the solution does not only remain risk-free, but scalable.

dplain can be tailored to any business: Our software is convertible. With the many features already available and constantly added, there are countless ways to build your portal. Our experts will be there to advice you and work with you to find out the demands of your industry and your customer base and what features are applicable the best. Whether you sell raw materials, own a foundry, or sell parts for machinery, dplain is your solution. That way, you can trust that you will get exactly what you need.

Put together individual fratures for your portal

A digital realization of your spare parts catalog in which all machines are listed by logical structure. Our service includes a complete data integration of your existing spare parts into the software – including customer data and visual content. In a click on the interactive 2D or 3D technical drawings of the corresponding components can be displayed in the catalog for each machine, so that spare parts are easily found. These are then linked to your online store: The products can be placed directly from the catalog into your cart and ordered. This saves time and effort and increase your after sales perfomance enormously: The feature substitates the reed of simplities processes through automation.

Customers can review past orders in their personal account online at any time and access the products for reordering, view invoices, or retrieve further details. The order history shows those products purchased by the customer products and ensures high data security. Both, customer and businesses have a central source stating the purchases and conditions that simplifies support and orientation.

Available sensor data installed in the machines is integrated into the portal. Based on this, the collected data such as speed, running time, temperature, etc. provide information about spare parts needs, forecasts of machine lifecycle, machine status or maintenance cycle. Within the personal customer account, you can make recommendations for service or spare parts needs. This is advantageous for both, the aftersales turnover and for the production efficiency of the customer.

In the future option of M2M Commerce, the machines can also place orders of required parts based on the sensor data, or request them from the customer, and order them after confirmation, or completely autonomously.

Available sensor data that are installed in the machine will be integrated into the portal. Based on this, the collected data such as speed, duration, temperature provide much more information on the need for spare parts, give forecasts about the life of the machine, the machine status or maintenance cycle. The company may be within the personal customer accounts to each individual part on this basis recommendations for service and spare parts requirements. This is beneficial for both the Afersalesumsatz, as well as the production efficiency of the customer, since the time of purchase to be adapted to the times of need.

In the more far-reaching option M2M Commerce also the equipment needed parts can based on the sensor data placed in the cart, or inquire at the customer and order after confirmation or completely autonomous.

Quickorder is a short alternative to traditional ordering process, if the customer already knows the products to be ordered, based on the product number or name. Entire list of products can also be uploaded in a predetermined format, which can be added to the shopping cart. This feature is perfect for long term customers and reordering goods.

In Quick Order method may be departed from traditional ordering process, if the customer already knows the products to be appointed on the basis of production number or name, or makes a repeat. Also complete parts lists can be uploaded as needed, which are then automatically added to the cart. This feature is perfect for long-term customers and repeat orders of goods.


We provide an automated customer service via an intuitive chat window, which can be individually adapted to your company branding. Chatbot can create tickets, assist with site and portal navigation, and answer customer questions. The nature of the conversation with the bot can be controlled by the company itself, either by specifying a language framework, giving a free-text option, or by making an individual configuration.

The Chatbot feature is available both, within dplain and for any type of site in various forms. Inquire now and try the chatbot 30 days for free.


For products (spare parts) with unstable, or individual prices, a quotation can be provided to the customer by special feature – request for quotation. After having received a request for specific product, the shop administrator has an option to indicate price with certain deadline and attach any required documents to the offer. The customer can the directly place the received offer in the shopping cart and execute the order.

Thus, we connect the process of sales of product with unstable price with one shop system, otherwise complex process, executed by multiple means of communication and tools – request form, e-mail, or phone calls. Additionally, the built-in chat function gives additional possibility to communicate with your customer within one, dplain space.

This feature allows clear and comprehensible communication and is available 24/7.

Sensor data in warehouses and consignment stores can be linked to the portal and provide immediate information about stock levels. The feature can be used internally and externally, and the information can be integrated in various places in the portal, such as in the automatic ordering process of customers, or in the stock management.


Manual configuration of prices and individual discount rules can be set for individual customer or customer groups. The customer can autonomously use the provided configuration tool and request offers based on it or add it directly to the shopping cart. Especially suitable for individual orders and products, which are offered in different versions.

Digital Twin is an interactive and digital view of machines (production plants) and its sensors. Digital Twins provide information on machine status and can also provide a prognostic visual impression of planned projects to the customer. Ideal for decentralized companies and outstanding, impressive customer service that leaves behind the future-oriented impressions.

Every target group looks up for products differently. The selection criterias in dplain are therefore versatile. Each product available on the portal can be populated with keywords, tags, serial numbers, and properties that help customers navigate to the product they’re looking for. Strategically placed tags also allow the component to display related components or company recommendations for search. From free text search to search for material type, function or appearance – the selection characteristics can be determined based on the individual product. Logical analysis of the filter criteria relevant to you is available by our experts.

dplain is very powerful in terms of API: Connectors to various other software are very well developed through open development. Sensor data, live price portals, catalogue softwares, 3D printers and much more are available for dplain. Already existing digitized components of your company can be connected to dplain to create an individual and all-encompassing portal.

Smartglasses can be linked to dplain in a variety of ways to further enhance the product visual representation in the portal. Like Digital Twin, they are an attractive way of presenting products from the catalogue, or from already ordered products – according to your wishes.

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