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Platform for machine information management & digital spare parts catalogs

Experience how dplain takes your after-sales processes to a new level!

Platform for machine information management & digital spare parts catalogs

Experience how dplain takes your after-sales processes to a new level!


One plattform, many possibilities

explosionszeichnung programm

Create and publish digital spare parts catalogs

Ersatzteilkatalog CAD Zeichnungen

Get machine information & accessories in just a few clicks

ersatzteile direkt

Access self-service from the catalog to order information and accessories in just a few clicks

ersatzteile software

Print spare parts on site thanks to 3D connectivity

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance through sensor connection


Comprehensive data maintenance in PIM

Digital spare parts catalogs for complex products

Simple integration of machine data

  • Clear navigation structure
  • Comprehensive detail pages
  • Dokument upload in catalog

Upload all of your machine data and customer data to a digital catalog and access relevant machine information such as technical drawings, spare parts and machine status at any time – on any device. The sophisticated structure trees of dplain catalogs allow a clear navigation through all machine data down to the smallest detail.

hotspotter dplain

Interactive explosion drawings

  • Linking of catalog & technical drawing
  •  Interactive Machine presentation
  • Detailed informationen on demand

Your digital spare parts catalog in interactive 2D and 3D navigation: The dplain hotspotter locates relevant points in your technical drawings and links them to your spare parts catalog – completely automatically! With just one click in the drawing, you can find the right spare part in the catalog.

elektronischer ersatzteilkatalog
shop maschine
katalog ersatzteile

eCommerce in mechanical engineering

The aftersales business can be excellently digitized with dplain. All the important functionalities of a web shop can be integrated into your platform: customer care, work on the machine, sales to the customer – you decide and dplain makes it possible.


Spare parts order in self-service

  •  Automated After-Sales service
  •  24/7 spare part sales
  • Simplification of complex customer processes

Numerous functions such as the management of sensitive prices, sensor integration, quick ordering from company lists, framework contracts and much more enable the integration of an attractive webshob into your platform. Let your customers order spare parts for individual machines independently by using the numerous automation options.


Time savings in the ordering process

  •  Automation of order processing
  •  Connection to merchandise management systems

The dplain webshop integrates seamlessly into your digital spare parts catalog and your existing ERP system. It also has options such as quick ordering and automatic integration of legal frameworks and hierarchies so that all aspects relevant to a purchase are automated. This saves time on the part of your customer and you.

Higher turnover from spare part sales

  • Strategic use of up- & cross-selling 
  • Diverse marketing possibilities
  • Attractive and intuitive user interface
  •  Availability on mobile devices
  • Strenghtened customer relashionship

Through the customer-centered implementation of your dplain webshop numerous factors contribute to a sophisticated shopping experience of your customers. A B2C-like user interface and an integrated customer support chat guarantee an intuitive orientation in the shop, which is further refined through the strategic placement of marketing and sales elements and increases your sales.

after sales support

Our all-inclusive package for you

Our comprehensive service ensures the strategic, functional and aesthetic implementation of your platform. They will be looked after by experts in these areas and advised throughout the project to make your platform a multifunctional and highly effective business tool that will delight your employees and your customers.


Free strategy-session

Enjoy the first strategy session with our dplain experts without obligation and free of charge. Just tell us your request and we will come to you with an appointment proposal.

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Successful predictions meet with predictive maintenance

Create analytics using sensor data

Draw meaningful conclusions from historical machine data. Gather analytics in the dashboard to assess how your machines will behave in the future and when they will fail. The conclusions help to plan preventive failures and act early enough.

Use historical data for sales recommendations

Leverage the ins and outs of predictive maintenance to make recommendations for replacement parts purchases at the right time. Make custom quotes and make your sales more scalable.

Spare parts from the 3D-Printer

dplain’s 3D Connect opens up completely new ways for logistics.

Print spare parts directly on site

The interconnectivity of machine builders, local 3D printers, and customers in the dplain platform enables spare parts to be printed on-site by purchasing the appropriate print files through the platform. This saves time and financial resources in the logistics area.

Experience dplain live in our demo shop

Scslsble digitalisation for medium-sized businesses

The German middle class is one of the most important and largest industries in Germany. dplain was developed to meet the individual needs of medium-sized businesses and create a scalable solution. Combined with our flexible and inclusive approach, we’ve created a product that’s ideal for mid-sized businesses.

Official partner

Securely hosted in the Cloud

Official partner

Securely hosted in the Cloud

Experience dplain live in our demo shop!