The software solution for stepwise digitalization in B2B

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Die Softwarelösung zur schrittweisen Digitalisierung im B2B

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in der Cloud

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Scalable digitalization for medium-sized businesses

German SMEs are one of the most important and largest sectors of the German economy. dplain was developed to meet the individual needs of mid-sized companies with the goal of creating a scalable solution. In combination with our flexible and inclusive way of working, we have created a product that is ideally suited for medium-sized businesses.

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Unique Microservices Architecture

Unlike monolithic products, dplain uses a microservices architecture that makes the composition of your platform flexible. Purchase just the features you really need, and add new features whenever your business model changes. Thanks to sophisticated API interfaces, you can connect any number of new microservices and third-party software that you can also use on all major end devices.

Effective work through automation

Our applied digitalization is designed to optimize your current processes with automation. Instead of replacing your old processes with new work structures, we start with what you already do. So you can offer your customers an even better round-the-clock service and relieve your employees.

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Our all-inklusive package for you

With dplain, you get more than just software. Our service includes a variety of components to ensure that your platform is not simply implemented, but to help you and your customers navigate it intuitively and securely. So your platform is not just a decorative customer search point, but a functional business tool.

Free selection of features from our range of over 50 different microservices

Strategic consulting and workshops with our digital experts

Serious data protection through cloud hosting

Data preparation and data integration
your customer and product data

Individual configuration of the design and
Adaptation to your branding

eCommerce in mechanical engineering

The industry and in particular the aftersales business can be digitized excellently with dplain. Put our microservices together variably and unlock different functions for different processes in your company: customer support, work on the machine, sales at the customer – you choose and dplain makes it possible.

Spare parts orders in self-service

dplain is the most effective product for the digital processing of spare parts management. Numerous functions such as the management of sensitive prices, sensor integration, quick ordering from company lists, master agreements and many more make dplain perfect for mechanical and plant engineering. Test for yourself how eCommerce can be implemented in your demanding industry.

Intractive exploded views

Your digital spare parts catalog in interactive 2D and 3D navigation: The dplain Hotspotter locates points, such as numbers and letters, that you have entered on your exploded drawings and plans, and links them to your digital spare parts catalog – completely automatically! Each click in the drawing brings you exactly to the corresponding spare part in the catalog overview, where it can be placed in the shopping cart with just one more click.

Experience dplain live in our mechanical engineering demo shop!